June 3rd, 2012

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Suiting herself for the sun

carole lombard p1202-1226c frontcarole lombard p1202-1226a back

Above is Carole Lombard in p1202-1226, taken by Paramount's Eugene Robert Richee sometime in 1935. A nice photo of Carole enjoying the sun in a white satin swimsuit, complete with a snipe on the back (of the photo, not Carole or the swimsuit!).

What makes this photo so interesting is that it apparently begins a run of Lombard-related swimsuit portraits from Paramount. (I say "apparently" because while we know that p1202-1224 is not a swimsuit pic, I haven't uncovered p1202-1225. Nor does this subsequent gallery feature every number in consecutive order; here and there may be a non-swimwear photo we haven't come across yet.)

With June starting summer (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least), we thought it would be appropriate to show what we have of a swimwear-clad Carole circa 1935 -- and for you folks in Australia, New Zealand and the southern tips of Africa and South America, something to keep you going during your chilly months.

Bud Fraker took p1202-1227, showing Lombard in a dark swimsuit. Seeing her at this upward angle makes her look not only alluring, but more majestic and powerful as well:

carole lombard p1202-1227 bud fraker

For p1202-1228, we look downward at Carole, sunning herself:

carole lombard p1202-1228a

How about Lombard in a bonnet, as in p1202-1229?

carole lombard p1202-1229b

More white-satiny Carole in p1202-1231, making some pool "lucky":

carole lombard p1202-1231a frontcarole lombard p1202-1231a back

Now two with Lombard and her beloved Pekingese, Pushface. First, p1202-1232...

carole lombard p1202-1232b

...next, p1202-1233:

carole lombard p1202-1233c

That cloak Carole wore in p1202-1231 re-emerges in p1202-1235:

carole lombard p1202-1235a

In p1202-1236, Lombard looks a bit weary, as if she's mentally telling the photographer, "You think you've got the right one now?"

carole lombard p1202-1236d

We look down at Lombard stretching out for some rays in p1202-1237:

carole lombard p1202-1237b

More or less the same thing in p1202-1238, but at ground level. If Carole washed ashore onto Lilliput a la Gulliver, here's what she'd look like to the natives:

carole lombard p1202-1238b

That lounge from p1202-1226 that we saw Lombard relax in returns in p1202-1239, but from the right side:

carole lombard p1202-1239d

It's back to the dark swimsuit (and sunbonnet) for p1202-1240, recently uncovered by Tally Haugen:

carole lombard p1202-1240b

Another one of Carole's favorite pets, Commissioner the dachshund, poses with her in p1202-1241:

carole lombard p1202-1241b

Having both dogs around leads me to believe these sessions were done at her Hollywood Boulevard home, not any site at the Paramount studio.

I haven't yet seen p1202-1242, which very well may end the swimsuit series, but p1202-1243 details an activity rarely done outdoors or in swimsuits:

carole lombard p1202-1243c
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