May 4th, 2012

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Carole photos, cheap

If you're a collector of Carole Lombard photos, some interesting news has just cropped up. You can now own up to 29 Carole pics -- including the one above, p1202-606 -- for $1 per photo, as part of four different lots being sold on eBay.

They're prints, not vintage originals, so some of you might not be interested. For others, however, it's the image that counts, not the age.

According to the seller, last year these were sold for $9.99 each, but the seller is going into other endeavors and wants to sell these quickly. There's no bidding; you buy them now.

We'll show you each batch; note that some of the photos are duplicates, and light is reflected on many of the pics. Most of these are from Lombard's Paramount days.

Here's lot one, five pics for $5 (

Now lot two, 10 pics, $10 (

Lot three has five pics for five bucks (

Finally, lot four features nine photos for $9 (

Again, bargain hunters should hurry.
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