March 15th, 2012

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To the polls, Team Carole!

Yes, it's time for the semifinals of the "Funny Ladies" division in the Silents/1930s bracket of the 2012 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney. The Carole Lombard army needs to come out in force, because this round's opponent, fourth-seeded Jean Arthur, won't be easy to defeat. But just to remind Team Carole what you're fighting for, this...

Now that you have sufficient incentive, stop staring at Carole (yes, I know it's difficult), go to and cast your ballot. And don't forget to vote in the other matches -- #2 Myrna Loy vs. #3 Jean Harlow in "Funny Ladies," and #1 Irene Dunne vs. #4 Jeanette MacDonald and #3 Ginger Rogers vs. #7 Hattie McDaniel in "Singers/Dancers." Voting lasts through 10 p.m. (Eastern) Saturday.

In the first part of round two:
"They Had Faces" -- #1 Greta Garbo trounced #4 Clara Bow, 80-45, and #6 Gloria Swanson surprised #2 Mary Pickford, 82-38.
"Tough Broads And Pre-Code Babes" -- #1 Barbara Stanwyck routed #4 Claudette Colbert, 77-52, and #3 Joan Crawford upended #2 Marlene Dietrich, 73-60. (A good round for both Sadie Thompsons; will Rita Hayworth have similar success in the 1940s bracket?)

Speaking of the '40s (
"Sophisticates" -- A pair of upsets. #5 Gene Tierney stunned #1 Vivien Leigh (who won the entire '40s bracket last year), 51-44, and #3 Lauren Bacall conquered #2 Ingrid Bergman, 54-37.
"Drama Queens" -- Only one upset here, but it's a big one...#6 Olivia de Havilland ousted #2 Katharine Hepburn, 54-44. Will Olivia take on sister Joan Fontaine? Nope. Form held, and #1 Bette Davis topped #4 Fontaine, 58-39.

The other divisions: "Funny Ladies/Girls Next Door" -- #1 Rosalind Russell vs. #4 Jane Wyman; #2 Lucille Ball vs. #3 Eve Arden; "Singers/Dancers" -- #1 Judy Garland vs. #4 Betty Grable; #2 Rita Hayworth vs. #3 Ann Miller.

We'll summarize the 1950s ( and 1960s ( brackets later today, but will note that as of this writing, you can vote in the new matches in both of the above brackets. (Voting in the '40s bracket will begin this morning.) Get involved in the tourney, have fun and above all, vote for...

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More documents for sale, and more on the tourney

Carole Lombard's signature, in a far more formal environment than this photo, can be found on three documents now up for sale at eBay. And whereas Lombard signed this candid shot for free only a few days after it was taken, to purchase all three documents you would need about as much money as Carole made in a month at the peak of her career, when she was briefly the highest-paid performer in the film industry.

At least two of the items hail from 1938, the same year Lombard signed the photo. First, a contract for Carole from Selznick International Pictures, from Aug. 1:

This contract, sent to the office of Carole's agent, Myron Selznick (David's brother), is almost certainly for "Made For Each Other," which Lombard made there later that year. She signed it shortly after her week garnering headlines as publicity officer for Selznick International:

This document is relatively inexpensive (compared to the other two, that is), at a mere $10,000. Learn more about it at

On June 21, Lombard made changes in her life insurance policy. Not only did she sign the letter detailing the changes, but a cover letter as well (no date is listed, but at least one of the policies is):

What's especially interesting here is information about Carole's mother, Elizabeth Knight Peters. This document lists her date of birth as June 20, 1873, which meant the day before Lombard signed it, her mother had turned 65. However, her marker at Forest Lawn tells a different story:

Of course, Elizabeth would die alongside her daughter in 1942.

Each of these documents are being sold for $15,000. For the cover letter, go to; for the policy changes, visit

Now, back to the Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney, where Carole is having her hands full with Jean Arthur, leading by only 24-23 at 11:15 a.m. (Eastern). Lombard fans, she needs your support -- go to, and vote in the other matches in the Silents/1930s bracket, too.

The results of the first part of the second round in the 1940s bracket ( were listed in our previous entry; now to fill you in on the other two brackets.

Results from the 1950s (
"Sophisticates" -- #1 Grace Kelly crowned #4 Sophia Loren, 76-34, and #2 Audrey Hepburn trounced Deborah Kerr, 73-45.
"Drama Queens" -- #1 Elizabeth Taylor cruised past #4 Anne Baxter, 73-37, while #3 Ava Gardner upended #2 Susan Hayward, 67-42.

The other divisions: "Funny Ladies/Girls Next Door" -- #1 Judy Holliday vs. #5 Janet Leigh and #2 Marilyn Monroe vs. #3 Thelma Ritter.
"Singers/Dancers" -- #1 Doris Day vs. #4 Vera-Ellen and #2 Debbie Reynolds vs. #3 Cyd Charisse.

From the 1960s (
"Sophisticates" -- The lowest remaining seed, #6 Anne Bancroft, moved on by stunning #2 Faye Dunaway, 51-35, while #1 Jean Simmons breezed past #5 Claudia Cardinale 59-23.
"Drama Queens" -- A similar pattern here, as #5 Susannah York narrowly eliminated #1 Julie Christie, 41-38, and #3 Catherine Deneuve defeated #2 Lee Remick, 47-36.

The other divisions: "Funny Ladies/Girls Next Door" -- #1 Natalie Wood vs. #5 Hayley Mills and #2 Jane Fonda vs. #3 Sandra Dee.
"Singers/Dancers" -- #1 Julie Andrews vs. #4 Shirley Jones and #2 Shirley MacLaine vs. #3 Ann-Margret.

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