December 9th, 2011

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In the wake of Pearl Harbor

As December 1941 opened, Carole Lombard, shown with husband Clark Gable at a polo match that he took part in earlier that year, probably sensed the U.S. was drawing nearer to entering World War II. She may initially have been opposed to the idea, but the brutality of the Axis powers likely changed her philosophy long before Pearl Harbor was attacked on Dec. 7.

Here's another snapshot of that period, this one more entertainment-oriented, again with the aid of These are all from the Dec. 8 issue, and being that it was a Monday and newspapers generally had skeleton staffs on Sundays (though many more staff members were likely called into the office to cover the big news), many of these items were written before Japanese planes launched the attack.

Hollywood columnist Jimmie Fidler's column appeared Dec. 8:

It included two items on the Gables, first some doggerel:

The second was equally trivial, but amusing to anyone who knew Clark and Carole as land-tillers:

Looks like Clark and Carole, for all they possessed, didn't have green thumbs.

Times columnist Tom Treanor rarely wrote about Hollywood topics, but here he discusses his brief tenure as a film reviewer and conducts an illuminating interview with a former Carole co-star...

...Jack Oakie, shown with Lombard in "From Hell To Heaven." He talks about his career, humor during war, and other topics:

One of the movie ads in the paper that day promoted the upcoming premiere of Walt Disney's latest film, "Dumbo":

Now, back to the real world. Here's a Times map detailing what had happened at Pearl Harbor:

There's also a story on arrests of Japanese on suspicion of espionage:

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