November 27th, 2011

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Carole and another six degrees

Guess who finished the first game of "Classic Film: Six Degrees Of Separation"? Moi.

Here's how it worked: On Friday, it started with Mabel Normand and Walter Matthau, and you had six degrees to get from one to the other.

Page passed the torch on to Dave of "Dave's Classic Films." Here's how the game went:

* Dave chose Normand with Adolphe Menjou in "Head Over Heels" (1927), sending it to...

* Becky of "ClassicBecky's Brain Food" linked Menjou with Kirk Douglas in "Paths Of Glory" (1957); it then went to...

* Dawn of "Noir And Chick Flicks" paired Douglas with Gena Rowlands in "Lonely Are The Brave" (1962); next up was...

* Page again, who linked Rowlands to Rock Hudson in "The Spiral Road" (1962) -- from there it went to...

* Priscilla of "Reel Revival," who stayed with "Spiral Road" and linked Hudson to Burl Ives; she then handed it to me.

And wouldn't you know it -- Ives and Matthau were both in "Ensign Pulver" (1964).

Finishing the game, I get to start a new one. As you might guess, I begin with Carole Lombard. But who's my other star? Another attractive blonde with good legs who makes me laugh, none other than...

...Goldie Hawn, shown above in "There's A Girl In My Soup" (1970). (Hard to believe Hawn turned 66 last Monday; where does the time go?)

The next player starts with Carole and begins a six-degree path to get to Goldie (can it also be vice versa?). And for that next player, I choose...

Flick Chick, from "A Person In The Dark" ( You're next!

(BTW, one suggestion for the next-to-last person: Make sure your selection is someone who the last star could conceivably have worked with. For example, in this new six degrees from Lombard to Hawn, it would be foolish to list Robert Benchley, since I believe he died the day Goldie was born.)
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