November 25th, 2011

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To the sixth degree

Above is the closest I've ever come to seeing a photo of Carole Lombard and Lucille Ball together. This is from "The Lucy Show" in the mid-1960s (though I have no idea why Lucy's character is holding the February 1935 issue of Screen Play), and was certainly Ball's way to pay tribute to an old friend about a quarter-century after she left us.

Ball and Lombard never made a film together, but over the years appeared with many of the same people; after all, both were at RKO at the end of the 1930s. So at least someone had one degree of separation between Lucy and Carole.

But what about six degrees?

Yep, it's time to play the Kevin Bacon parlor game again, this time classic movie style. (At times, one must feel sympathy for Bacon, a fine actor who deserves to have a better legacy than to be a trivia punchline.) The idea came from Page Inciardi and her fine, fun blog, "My Love For Old Hollywood" ( She officially calls it "Classic Film: Six Degrees Of Separation."

The first person to play is Dave of "Dave's Classic Films" (, who was assigned two actors I always link together (he said sarcastically), Mabel Normand...

...and Walter Matthau:

I've agreed to play, too. (For now, the game is limited to stars, and movies, but perhaps down the road directors and television series will also be utilized.) I'm just musing over who I would have to connect Carole to if I ever were assigned for the next game...

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