November 13th, 2011

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Pure glamour, 'Now And Forever'

To promote her upcoming film "Now And Forever," Carole Lombard entered the Paramount portrait studio one day in 1934 for a few photos. An original 8" x 10" copy of one is now available at eBay, from the same seller that has put up a few other vintage Lombard shots in the past week or two. Take a look:

The seller labels this portrait -- p1202-864 -- "sexy," and it's just another example of Lombard's allure, truly beautiful. Even better, this photo has a snipe on the back, though it really doesn't tell you all that much:

The photo can be purchased straight up for $139.95, or if you prefer, place a bid beginning at $124.95. The sale is slated to end at 10:32 p.m. (Eastern) on Saturday. You can find out more by going to

While the following aren't being sold, here are a few other images of Carole that look to be from that session. First, p1202-863, followed by one that I can't quite make out the p1202 number for (it may also be an 864, meaning Paramount may have decided to substitute one image for the other):

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