November 7th, 2011

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Two visions of Carole from '34

A pair of Paramount portraits of Carole Lombard circa 1934, neither of which I've come across before, are now available via eBay.

Above is p1202-824, a stunning photo (just look at those penetrating eyes!). It's a re-strike, not an original, and will be available for bidding through 8:52 p.m. (Eastern) Saturday, Bids begin at #7.99; none have been made as of yet. To place a bid or learn more, visit (And thanks to Tally Haugen for her work on that pic.)

Next up, the elegant p1202-908, from a bit later in the year:

This is a vintage 8" x 10", listed in excellent condition (according to the seller, its defects are minor -- slightly toned, several light creases and indentations, a 1/8" tear in the bottom border, tiny folds in 3 corners).

You can buy it straight up for $99.95 or make a bid (minimum $89.95); the sale is slated to end at 10:32 p.m. (Eastern) Sunday. You can purchase, bid or find out more at

This week's header features Lombard and Monroe Owsley alongside the drunken form of Gene Raymond (playing the playboy husband of Carole's character) in a scene from the 1933 Columbia film "Brief Moment."
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