September 15th, 2011

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Three more from Mr. Driggs

Nearly three months ago, we noted that Frank Driggs -- a famed jazz memorabilia collector who had more than 100,000 photographs in his archive -- collected film stills as well, and that Carole Lombard was well represented ( Three more images of her, via Driggs, have recently emerged. Unlike the photos shown in the earlier entry, these are glamour portraits, not scenes from films.

We'll start with an image that's new to me, p1202-202, from 1932:

She appears immersed in fur; note how her hands highlight her eyes. And "page 19"? If that referred to a separate Lombard album, Mr. Driggs must have had quite a few images of Carole.

Now to p1202-218:

Finally, one of Lombard's earliest glamour shots at Paramount -- yes, there's a "-230" as a suffix, but it refers to "1249," the code for "Safety In Numbers"; it's not a "P1202" (Carole's code with the studio). The light background obscures things.

Driggs even lists the film's release date -- June 8, 1930. Now that's thorough.

All three are linen-backed photographs, adding to their value...and, naturally, their price. Bidding for the "Safety In Numbers" portrait begins at $199.99, the others at $299.99. Bidding on all three closes between 10:18 and 10:37 p.m. (Eastern) next Wednesday.

For p1202-202, visit For p1202-218, go to For the "Safety In Numbers" pic, check out
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