May 27th, 2011

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Get ready to place your bids

It's no secret that Carole Lombard loved animals; well, it just so happens that another portrait of Lombard plus pet will be up for auction beginning this Sunday, thanks to Heritage Auctions. Take a look:

This is a 7" x 9" vintage Kodak nitrate negative, p1202-616 (from about 1934). According to Heritage, it's an "unrestored negative that appears virtually unused. Closer inspection may reveal one or two minor flaws, such as some mild developer residue that should not affect the printing process. The image that is shown is a recent paper print taken from the actual negative being offered. With today's digital technology available through Photoshop, these original negatives can easily be used to produce beautiful positive prints when correctly processed."

Bidding on this item starts Sunday and lasts through the following Sunday.

Heritage has three other Lombard items which will be open for bidding on June 24 (the auction itself will occur July 16 and 17), and it's just as well the date's a few weeks off because two of them are 8" x 10" autographed photos that should go for a pretty penny, and this will give potential bidders some time to save the dough:

The top image has no p1202 marking; the bottom is p1202-1716, from 1937 and among Lombard's last portraits at Paramount.

Of the top photo, Heritage writes: "Vintage gelatin silver, single weight, glossy photo. It has been inscribed: 'Cordially, Carole Lombard. There are some very faint surface crinkles, and some minor corner creases." Of the bottom: "This rare vintage gelatin silver, single weight, glossy photo has been autographed by Carole Lombard. There is some edge wear with minor corner bumps, surface crinkling, and scrapbook paper remnants on the verso."

The fourth photo features Lombard with Clark Gable in "No Man Of Her Own," when they were merely co-stars in a film and not in real life:

The back of the 7.75" x 10" is hand-marked with a date of Dec. 21, 1931, which doesn't make sense since "No Man Of Her Own" wasn't filmed until the fall of 1932 and came out that December. Heritage describes it as "Vintage gelatin silver, double weight, linen backed glossy keybook photo. This is a publicity photo from the only on-screen pairing of Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, and it's a beauty! The photo has been studio linen backed for insertion into a keybook. There are only some very small surface dot bumps, and some very small corner bends."

To see all four items and get bidding information, visit
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