April 8th, 2011

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Does Debbie have Carole? The answer is yes

We recently wondered whether Carole Lombard had any items included in the forthcoming part 1 of the auction of memorabilia from the collection of Debbie Reynolds.

The answer came last evening: "We do indeed."

It's a "Beige floor length gown with ornately pleated back panel and belt scarf, accented with embroidery wire, sequins, jet beads and seed pearls at neckline, on sleeves and tips of scarf and train. Sleeves on gown have been altered. Designed by Travis Banton."

Okay, so what film was it used in?

"No Man Of Her Own," Lombard's lone film with Clark Gable, for Paramount in late 1932. Certainly something any fan of Carole's can savor -- and probably something that will go for a few thousand dollars (at least).

For more on the auction, go to http://profilesinhistory.com/debbie-reynolds-auction/event-and-catalog-information. And if this gown is a bit beyond your reach, don't fret; there will likely be Lombard-related items among the 20,000 still photographs and several thousand movie posters scheduled to be in part 2 of the auction this December.
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