November 20th, 2010

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'Sinners In The (living room?)'

There are several Carole Lombard films I have yet to see, particularly from her early thirties period when her home studio, Paramount, hadn't determined what differentiated her from others in its large stable of starlets. One of those movies is "Sinners In The Sun," a spring 1932 release that's notable for being one of Cary Grant's first films. (They appear on screen together, though he's clearly a supporting player and she's top-billed.)

As the title suggests, apparently much of the story is set outside, allowing Lombard and the other actors to cavort in beachwear. In fact, the film's source is a novel by Mildred Cram called "The Beachcomber." (Cram, who died in 1985 at age 95, also wrote the story that was the basis for the movies "Love Affair" and "An Affair To Remember.") So, seeing these publicity pictures, in which swimsuit-clad Carole is with co-star Chester Morris, is a bit of a surprise; in the foreground, it appears she is sitting in the sand...but look at the background:

Perhaps it's a porch of a beachfront house, but looking at the background almost makes it appear as if someone at Paramount imported sand into a photo session room, then brought Lombard and Morris in for the shoot. That thought nags at those shots, although Carole's smile, figure and legs help one suspend disbelief.

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