November 14th, 2010

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A few things from eBay

Here are a trio of Carole Lombard items available through eBay; all are from different studios, and all close today -- so if you're interested, hurry.

First, a portrait of Lombard I'd never seen before, taken by Paramount's Otto Dyar:

It was probably taken during the early '30s, but since there's no p1202 code on the photo, it's hard to ascertain the year. But it's lovely, a vintage 8" x 10" in good condition.

Want it? Bids start at $250, and as of this writing, no bids have yet been made. Bidding is slated to close at 10:02 a.m. (Eastern); go to to learn more.

Next, a photo taken at MGM while Carole was making her lone film there, the 1934 comedy "The Gay Bride." The seller describes it as "très chic!", and who would disagree?

That's such a sexy smile from Lombard, who must have been thrilled to be part of MGM glamour, even on a loanout basis. (The film itself was another matter; Carole later called it the worst movie she ever made, though I'm not sure whether that comment was made before or after "Fools For Scandal.")

This is a satin finish photo, 8" x 10" on thick weight stock. It may not be an original photo from the '30s, but the seller believes it was struck from the original MGM negative. Bids start at $14.99 -- none have been made as of this writing -- with bidding closing at 1:16 p.m. (Eastern). To make a bid or get further details, visit

Now let's go back to Lombard's days with Mack Sennett, and this extremely rare photo:

The guy in the center is Billy Bevan, who made at least three Sennett films with Lombard -- "The Girl From Everywhere," "The Bicycle Flirt" and "The Girl From Nowhere." The seller isn't 100 percent sure that Lombard is next to Bevan, saying, "Billy does not grab her so it could well be someone else." I'm not sure whether Carole had yet learned the fine art of profane language from her brothers, or perhaps Billy was simply a gentleman. Here's a closer look:

Yeah, that's her.

You have two ways to obtain this photo -- either "buy it now" for $249.99, or place a bid starting at $149.99. The latter would seemingly be smarter, since no bids have yet been made and bidding closes at 11:41 p.m. (Eastern) tonight.
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