October 1st, 2010

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Learning more about Carole, via Clark

What's the cover of a Marilyn Monroe book doing heading an entry in a Carole Lombard-related blog? Well, today's entry really isn't about Monroe...but it is about the person who wrote and assembled that book, "Marilyn Monroe: Private And Undisclosed," released three years ago and considered by many to be one of the more illuminating tomes on that oft-discussed '50s icon.

The author's name is Michelle Morgan, and she forwarded me some intriguing news today. I'll let her describe it in her own words:

"I am absolutely thrilled and excited to let you know that I have recently been signed to co-produce a documentary and an accompanying book about the life and times of Clark Gable, which of course will include much information about Carole too. I am working with Hollywood production company Tegan Summer Productions, and the documentary (and accompanying book) will explore Gable's life through the eyes of those who knew him best, and will take full advantage of over 5 HOURS of previously unseen footage of the Gable family, including much footage of Carole Lombard.

"A blog has been created to share information about the project and I'd be really grateful if you could let your readers know the address, so they can keep up to date with everything that we are doing during this worthwhile project."

Gladly, Michelle -- it's http://clarkgableproject.blogspot.com/.

The project's official title is "Gable: The Ties That Bind," and based upon Morgan's work on the Monroe book, I am confident this will be a fair and honest portrait, neither gushy nor a hatchet job. The target date for both book and documentary is late 2011 to early 2012.

Morgan added in a later e-mail, "The footage we have is extraordinary and Carole looks wonderful as always. It's going to be hard work deciding what we will use and what we will leave out, as it is all amazing!"

At one time, Morgan was working on a Lombard biography; whether she has shelved that project or will incorporate that material into this endeavor, I do not know. And while Gable has been a frequent subject for biographers, I am certain Michelle will find information heretofore unknown, providing a new perspective about not only the man who brought Peter Warne, Rhett Butler and so many other characters to life, but about his third wife as well.

That's Stan Taffel, who will host the documentary, according to Morgan. Taffel, who's won three Emmy awards, served as moderator of last Saturday's Republic Pictures 75th anniversary event, and you can get a feel for his interviewing style at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF16B0Hb-kQ.

We eagerly await more news from Michelle on the progress of this documentary...and if any of you have material that could help the project, by all means get in touch and tell her about it.

She even had nice things to say about "Carole & Co.": "I still look at your blog -- such a lot of hard work and it is totally fascinating and wonderful to read it." Slightly more than a year from now, I'm confident we'll be able to say the same thing about her Gable book.
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