March 2nd, 2010

Carole in Rags at Paramount???

Here is an entry from the April 17, 1932 edition of Hollywood Heyday a very interesting daily compendium of Hollywood reporting from various contemporary sources. It is a fascinating source of little known facts about very popular stars and other up and coming stars. Stars on their way down are also chronicled. Great photos are to be had also. Here is the website if anyone would like to check it out.

This entry is about an "artist" (unmentioned) that put three actors portraits in rag material for what ever reason! Here is the caption for the piece:MOTION PICTURE PORTRAITS DONE IN RAGS

An artisan at the Paramount studios has the faculty of representing the likenesses of screen players by arranging fragments of fabrics crazy-quilt-like. Tallulah Bankhead, at left, pieced out with various shades of blue, grey and black; George Bancroft, with rough woolen materials in tan, orange and brown, and Carole Lombard, cut entirely of woolen and linen.