November 24th, 2008

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'Pic' of the crop

Last week, we did an entry on the huge photo archive -- which includes some Carole Lombard images -- at Life magazine, and we've previously reviewed her appearances in Life's principal rival, Look ( and But there was yet another photo-oriented magazine that emerged in the late 1930s, although it lasted nowhere as long as either of the above. It was called Pic, and its Nov. 29, 1938 edition featured Carole on the cover, wearing a red sweater...and if you look closely, you sense she's doesn't have anything on underneath. (That wouldn't be all that surprising, as Lombard rarely wore bras.)

Inside is a fascinating spread called "Unconscious Mimic," where it's noted how often Lombard resembled other screen stars' appearances. (Again, not a surprise; in the early 1930s, Marlene Dietrich often said that Lombard, her Paramount cohort, borrowed her look a bit too closely for her liking.) Dietrich here is cited as an influence (lower left), followed by Joan Bennett, Ida Lupino, Constance Bennett (remember, in late 1929 Carole was dismissed from Pathe because she too closely resembled Constance, whom the studio had just hired), Verree Teasdale and Madeleine Carroll.

This magazine, which was probably on newsstands 70 years ago today, is now available at eBay, though you don't have much time (bidding ends just after 9 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday). As of this writing, no one has yet bid on this item, which starts at $2.99. If you're interested, go to

Here's another Lombard Pic, issued in August 1938. And you thought Jennifer Aniston was on a lot of magazine covers!

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