November 5th, 2008

carole lombard 03
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Who done it -- no, make that who shot it?

We got a question from someone who dug deep into our archive, specifically to two entries from 2007, and wanted to know who was the photographer on a pair of Carole Lombard portraits. Here are the stills in question:

Both photos are quite stunning -- but as far as who took them, I'm stumped. However, I will note this: Neither has a "p1202" number, so I doubt either was taken at Paramount.

The one on the left (with the moon in the background) looks as if it may have come from "No More Orchids," a 1932 Columbia film, which did have a nighttime shipboard scene. The other one appears to pre-date Lombard's time at Paramount, and may have been taken at Pathe in the late 1920s.

Anyone have some clues? It's something to ponder as we Americans recuperate from a long, drawn out -- and historic -- election.
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