October 31st, 2008

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The Paramount stills, part 11

October 2008, the month celebrating the centennial of Carole Lombard's birth, is just about over -- and so much transpired that I nearly neglected to post the monthly group of her Paramount publicity stills in chronological order.

Fortunately, October has 31 days, not 30, so Lombard fans won't be tricked this Halloween; instead, they'll receive their usual treat of Carole's portraits.

Okay, we'll begin with p1202-1294, 1295 and 1304:

The next batch, full of feathers and fur, is p1202-1310, 1313 and 1320:

And finally (or should we say "phinally," in honor of the World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies?), p1202-1321, 1322 and 1340 (the last surely among the strangest stills she ever made):

And with that, I am -- as the great Phillies announcer Harry Kalas says when describing a home run -- "outta here!" At least for October. To all of you in Philly, have a fun -- and safe -- celebration today.
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