October 1st, 2008

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If you're in the neighborhood...

A bit of news if you live in or near Carole Lombard's hometown of Fort Wayne, Ind., or will be there in a few days, courtesy of my good friend Carole Sampeck:

"Marina Gray and I would like to invite any of you who might be in the Fort Wayne area this coming weekend to contact the Carole Lombard House -- on both Sunday the 5th and Monday the 6th, we will be holding a couple of receptions in honor of the centennial of Carole's birth, complete with birthday cake! Marina and I will be doing a sort of biographic presentation about CL and will have some of our memorabilia with us. Bring your questions -- we'll come up with answers for you! Come share some coffee or tea, refreshments, and memories.

"Seating is limited to ten (10) persons per reception (the living room in the house is of modest size), and the times will be: Sunday 10/5 - 1-2:30 or 3-4:30. Monday 10/6 - 2-3:30.

Cost is a modest $5 per person, to help defray the cost. For reservations, please call: 260-426-9896. The house is located at 704 Rockhill Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Owners Rick and Cora Brandt have graciously allowed Marina Gray and The Carole Lombard Archive to hold our celebration in the home where she was born. We are grateful for their dear friendship and help.

"We look forward to seeing you there! It should be fun, no matter what happens."

Celebrating Carole Lombard's centennial, 100 years to the day (or day before), in the house where she was born...imagine the psychic energy.

To those who are going, enjoy!
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