September 15th, 2008

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See Carole, inside and out

If you live in the U.S., tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 16, is a good day to be a Carole Lombard fan. If you live in the New York City area, it's a great day to be a Lombard fan. Here's why:

* First, at 8:30 a.m. (Eastern), Turner Classic Movies is presenting "Lady By Choice," a film Lombard made at Columbia and released in the fall of 1934. (That's Roger Pryor below with Carole in a scene from the film.)

The title makes it appear to be a sequel to the successful "Lady For A Day," but it really isn't. Carole, who had acted with fan dancer Sally Rand in "Bolero" at the start of '34, portrays one herself here; for publicity reasons, she "adopts" an elderly alcoholic woman (May Robson) she meets in night court. Walter Connolly plays a judge.

* Second, a treat for you New Yorkers...see Carole's classic "My Man Godfrey," with an audience, outdoors on a charming late summer night. It's at 7 p.m. at the Stuyvesant Town Oval, between 16th and 18th Streets and Avenues A & B, in Manhattan.

The free showing is sponsored by the Film Society of Lincoln Center -- so you can be sure the print will be a good one -- and the outdoor screen measures an impressive 30 x 50 feet, roughly the size of a first-run screen when "Godfrey" was released in 1936. (Two other gems are part of the series, also at 7 p.m., "His Girl Friday" on Wednesday and the Harold Lloyd late silent "Speedy," much of which was filmed in New York, on Thursday.) The Oval appears to be a nice setting for an outdoor screening:

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