August 29th, 2008

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A new Lombard-related site

Any site that helps promote the memory of Carole Lombard and the gifts she left us with, both as an artist and as a person, is fine with me; this isn't a competition. With that thought, I am proud to welcome the arrival of, a new site already brimming with plenty of Lombard-related items and photos.

Using the slogan "Lombard Is Laughter," includes a bio, a list of her films, links to where you can see three of her public domain titles ("The Racketeer," "My Man Godfrey" and "Made For Each Other"), a few video snippets from films (including her dance in underwear from "Bolero," shown above, and some outtakes from "Fools For Scandal"), an array of memorable quotes by and about her, and several galleries of pictures. The rare pictures gallery indeed has some I've never come across before, such as these two below:

It's a good site now, and it's going to get better. Please check it out.
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