August 1st, 2008

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The public wants to hear, er, see "Bolero"

The votes have been tabulated in our hypothetical "add one film to Carole Lombard's October TCM Star of the Month schedule" poll, and the big winner is...lingerie!

Apparently the vision of Carole dancing in underwear and stockings excites a lot of Lombard fans, because "Bolero" was the top choice in our survey, getting nine points and four votes (two in first place) from our eight responses. (People were allowed three choices.) Of course, the 1934 "Bolero," co-starring George Raft, was made only a few months before the Production Code was enforced, so you see some relatively racy things...including Sally Rand recreating the famed fan dance that won her acclaim at the Chicago world's fair the year before.

The lingerie theme continues in one of the two films that tied for second with eight points (each had three votes, including two for first place), 1930's "Safety In Numbers," Carole's Paramount debut:

This musical features Lombard and other attractive starlets in stages of undress, supporting star Buddy Rogers.

Tying "Safety In Numbers" was a film that apparently doesn't have much in the way of lingerie scenes, but does have Gary Cooper -- 1931's rarely seen "I Take This Woman":

"It Pays To Advertise" finished with five points; it received two votes, as did "Fast And Loose" and "Big News," which each had four points.

Thanks to everyone who voted.
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