May 26th, 2008

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We remember

On this Memorial Day, we pay tribute to those who have given their lives to preserve America and its way of life.

And on that note, we wish to remember the air pilots who, with Carole Lombard, her mother, a press agent and others, lost their lives on Jan. 16, 1942.

Here is the list, courtesy of Carole Sampeck and The Lombard Archive:

2nd Lieut. James C. Barham, Waco, Texas
2nd Lieut. Stewart L. Swenson, Long Beach, Calif.
1st Lieut. Robert E. Crouch, Mount Washington, Ky.
2nd Lieut. Charles D. Nelson, St. Cloud, Minn.
1st Lieut. Hal Browne Jr., Long Beach, Calif.
2nd Lieut. Kenneth P. Donahue, Stoughton, Mass.
2nd Lieut. Frederick J. Dittman, Oakland, Calif.
Staff Sgt. Edgar A. Nygren, Dunbar, Pa.
Sgt. Robert F. Nygren, Dunbar, Pa.
Pvt. Nicholas Varsamine, Bronx, N.Y.
Staff Sgt. David C. Tilghman, Snow Hill, Md.
Sgt. Frederick P. Cook, Reidsville, N.C.
Pvt. 1st Cl. Martin W. Tellkamp, Lamoille, Ill.
Corp. Milton B. Affrime, Philadelphia, Pa.
Sgt. Albert M. Belejchak, Braddock, Pa.

Edgar and Robert Nygren were brothers.

Please note that the plaque was stolen from the site last year and has yet to be recovered or replaced.
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