May 10th, 2008

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A primary concern: A Lombard film election

It's time we heard the public speak on a matter of great importance, and so we're conducting an election.

No, not regarding this...

...but regarding this:

Specifically, we want to know your five favorite Carole Lombard films. Rank them in order, with "1" being your most favorite.

We'll limit the candidates to sound feature-length films Lombard made, so no silent features and no Mack Sennett short subjects, please (for the simple reason that silents and shorts are so different in nature that it's really unfair to lump them in with the others).

Reply at this thread (no more than one entry and five films, please -- also, no anonymous votes will be counted). We'll conduct this through May 31, so you have three weeks to make up your mind.

Oh, and you prospective voters from outside the U.S. are welcome, too.
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