May 2nd, 2008

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Just Carole's type

It's always fascinating when new Carole Lombard-related items crop up on auction sites such as eBay...and so it is with this one.

It's a typewritten letter from Lombard (one senses she typed it herself, because the language is so informal) that she sent to a Miss Colman (a relative of Ronald, perhaps?) in May of 1939.

The wording reads:

Dear Miss Colman:
I want to thank you sincerely for your very lovely letter with all the good wishes for us.

It surely is appreciated, and in return may I hope that the coming years will bring happiness and contentment to you and yours?



Paramount Studios

The "us" almost certainly refers to Carole and Clark Gable, as they had been married less than two months earlier.

Naturally, one is often skeptical of memorabilia items, and at the start, I had a few slight doubts. Not from the signature -- that appears genuine...

...but from the reference to "Paramount Studios, Hollywood" at the end. Lombard's contract with Paramount expired at the end of 1937, and she never again worked at the studio. So what gives?

Carole Sampeck of The Lombard Archive believes she somehow stayed on good terms with Paramount officials, and in return they let her use their offices to handle fan mail and other duties. In fact, Carole was periodically considered for a few Paramount films after 1937, but her financial demands now that she was not under contract were probably a bit too rich for the studio's blood.

If you'd like to add this letter to your memorabilia collection, or just want to look it over, go to And if you want it, hurry (and pony up big bucks) -- bidding ends Saturday afternoon, and the high bid (of four so far) is $200.
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