April 17th, 2008

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"Bolero" babel

The 1930s were arguably as much a "golden age" for movie posters as art as they were for the films themselves. If you need any convincing, feast your eyes upon this sumptuous poster promoting one of Carole Lombard's last pre-Code movies, Paramount's "Bolero":

This poster could never have been issued in the States...and if it had, two things about Lombard would have become less visible!

The question now is...what language is that poster in? It's almost certainly something Scandinavian, but specifically, which language? Even the person who tracked down the poster for the "Trouble In Paradise" pre-Code blog (http://precodecinema.blogspot.com/2008/04/bolero-poster.html) isn't sure, believing it to be Swedish. (I'm part Finnish, but have no familiarity at all with the language.) So if you know, let us know.

We'll leave you with two other "Bolero" posters:

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