March 29th, 2008

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Those "other" fan magazines

The above is a publicity still from Carole Lombard's film "Virtue," showing her with Mayo Methot -- and it reflects a type of fan magazine that's often overlooked by Hollywood historians. It's from a publication called Film Fun, which was considerably more bawdy than Photoplay and its ilk and catered to a largely male audience.

Recently, we discussed the sensibilities of the pre-Code era ( Irreverent magazines such as these played an important role, and were only a few rungs above the notorious "Tijuana bibles" in which stars were brought down to earth in a variety of erotic ways. (There's supposedly one in which Lombard has an affair with Charlie McCarthy, Edgar Bergen's wise-cracking dummy; she guest-starred on the Bergen radio show several times, so it wasn't that big a step to take things a bit further.)

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Happy anniversary!

It was 69 years ago today in Kingman, Ariz., that a man and woman from California were married. And the world took notice, as this report from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram makes clear:

Here's how the Hearst-owned Atlanta Georgian covered it:

Yes, a happy anniversary to Clark and Carole!

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