March 1st, 2008

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More for your "census" to experience

Earlier this week, we had an entry on Carole Lombard's listing in the 1930 U.S. census when data from it was unsealed to the public in 2002, following federal law ( So, let's follow that up with additional census material.

Here's the 1920 U.S. census, when she was known as Jane Alice Peters, was age 11 and had yet to be the subject of any motion picture camera:

We learn the family lived at 605 North Harvard Boulevard, a block south of Melrose Avenue, and several blocks east of where Paramount would open its studio complex a few years later. It's also in the same Zip code (90004) of where the Peters family would reside in 1930, though such numbers wouldn't arrive until the early sixties.

Here's what Jane looked like at that stage of her life:

If you'd like to see the family's census data for 1910, when they were residing in Fort Wayne and Elizabeth Peters was still living with her husband, go to (Note that to access the content, you'll need a 14-day free trial membership to

One eagerly awaits to see the data for Carole Lombard in the 1940 census, when she was a full-fledged film star, married to Clark Gable over in Encino. Those records will be unsealed in 2012.
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