February 27th, 2008

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Carol(l)e's everywhere -- and nowhere

Most fans of Carole Lombard are aware that an important part of her comedic training was the year or two she spent with Mack Sennett's troupe, making silent two-reelers. Here are a few items from two of those shorts (which are similarly titled) that lead to an equally interesting tangent.

The first of these was Lombard's second Sennett short, but the first in which she genuinely took part as a "Sennett girl" (bathing beauty). It's called "The Girl From Everywhere," and was released in December 1927. This is a trade ad from Pathe, which distributed Sennett product:

What makes this particularly interesting is how Lombard's first name is spelled -- and keep in mind this is nearly three years before she "officially" added the "e" to Carol. In this instance, she's added an "l," as well:

Here's a Sennett publicity still for the film:

Some eight months and half a dozen shorts later, Lombard appeared in an unrelated Sennett short that had a related title..."The Girl From Nowhere." Lombard isn't credited in this poster, but that's obviously her (with uncharacteristically dark hair) whom Daphne Pollard is pushing along:

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