November 1st, 2007

carole lombard 03
  • vp19

Carole as scream queen?

Now that we've all recuperated from Halloween (so we hope), some unfinished business. Saw the picture below as part of the collection of Carole Lombard memorabilia being offered from Profiles In History's latest Hollywood auction (

It's from the 1933 jungle melodrama "White Woman," and the image conjured up thoughts of a similar image somewhere. Yesterday, I found it -- from a slightly more famous film issued the same year, not at Paramount but next door at RKO:

Yep, Fay Wray in "King Kong." (Hey, both she and Carole were romantically involved with writer Robert Riskin; Fay even married him.)

Then again, if the Lombard picture was from a sci-fi/horror film, what would her character be retreating from? A giant ape, a la Kong? Has she been shrunk to a miniature size, put on some mad scientist's table and is now trying to avoid a poke from his pencil? (It could be a scene from the 1940 Paramount film "Dr. Cyclops," although had Carole been in it, her salary would have dwarfed the rest of the cast, pardon the pun. Here's a publicity still from that pic, with Janice Logan, one of the scaled-down victims, in an oversized chair.)

If you can think up a scenario for that Lombard photo, we'd love to hear it.