July 23rd, 2007

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I was going through my bookmarks, and thought I'd share some of the Clark & Carole anecdotes I've found on the internet. We've probably all heard them, but they're still adorable. If you want to know where any of the stories come from, just ask me & I'll let you know. I didn't write any of this except for the stuff in italics, aka my attempt at exposition...everything else is courtesy of the cut-and-paste! :)

"They had an ineffable quality in romance, the ability to have fun together. They were soulmates who thought life was delicious, and they made everyone's life delicious around them."
--Esther Williams

“[Carole] bent herself around sideways to conform to him. She went duck hunting and dressed like a ragamuffin. She'd stand around in the rain for the guy."
--Robert Stack

"Carole was madly in love with him. When she would zero in on something, that was it, and she wanted this relationship."
--Margaret Tallichet (William Wyler’s wife)

“Get this bitch out of your picture or I'll take Gable out of it!"
--Carole Lombard, staking her claim on her man.

"He absolutely adored her."
--Robert Stack

"He was never the same. His heart sank a bit."
--Esther Williams, re: Carole’s death.

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Carole, keepin' things under her hat

Recently, I purchased a wonderful 4-CD compilation from Rhino called "One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds -- Lost & Found." It's comprised of 120 tracks from the 1960s featuring a wide array of female pop-rock acts, most of them group recordings by the Chiffons, Shangri-Las and Ronettes, among others, though some are from solo acts such as Lesley Gore, Jackie DeShannon, Mary Wells, Dusty Springfield and even rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson. (There are also two tracks by Carole King, who was born Carole Klein on Feb. 9, 1942, likely in honor of Lombard.) A few of the songs were minor hits, but many are gems that somehow got lost in the shuffle and will be new discoveries for most listeners. One of the things that makes the box set so fun is the packaging; the CDs and an accompanying booklet are enclosed in a container that looks like a hat box from a department store. Charming.

In honor of the set, here are some pictures of Carole Lombard -- some general publicity stills, others from movies -- keeping milliners in business:

And there's a long way to go where this is concerned. If there was a storage area full of hats Carole wore for photos, chances are if you opened the door they'd tumble out like items from Fibber McGee's famed closet.
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