July 19th, 2007

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Carole, the cat woman

Not long ago, we did an entry showing photos of Carole Lombard with dogs, and promised we'd get to showing her with other species. So here are a pair of pictures of Carole with cats:

Have my reservations about that picture on the right...if Carole had been a witch, I think the Witches' Council (a group mentioned on both "Bewitched" and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," although the series existed in different universes) might have reprimanded her for having an improperly groomed familiar.

Finally, since someone complimented this site, let us return the favor: check out Ivan G. Shreve's blog "Thrilling Days of Yesteryear" (http://blogs.salon.com/0003139/), which is chock full of wonderful information on old-time radio, TV, movies and serials. You'll learn a lot at that site, promise.
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Does anyone know what the best book on Carole is that's on the market today? I've been looking for a good Carole book for a while, and from what I've heard, Screwball seems to be fairly inaccurate on many levels, and Larry Swindell seems to have an agenda against Clark, which makes me question the neutrality and actual fact of the book, and the only ones I've read, Hoosier Tornado and the Bio-Bibliography, are very dry and seem to be basically a regurgitation of Screwball, based on what I know. I know that there are very few books about Carole that are available, but I've heard some of the best stories about her come from books not strictly her--i.e, Gable biographies or books on Old Hollywood, so I'm open to books of that type, as well. Has anyone read Gable & Lombard by Warren Harris? I've heard good things about that, but I wanted a second opinion.