July 13th, 2007

carole lombard 04
  • vp19

The lady has something to sell you

...and for Carole Lombard, it certainly did.

No, this thread isn't about that 1931 Paramount film; instead, we're going to show you a few instances of Carole appearing in advertisements -- not for upcoming films, but to promote a product.

For example, take this mid-thirties ad for Max Factor:

Or this 1939 ad for DeSoto, a make from Chrysler that was discontinued nearly half a century ago despite the best efforts of Groucho Marx (DeSoto sponsored "You Bet Your Life"):

Or, from 1937 -- long before reports from the Surgeon General -- this ad for Lucky Strike:

(The "singing" reference almost certainly is for the film "Swing High, Swing Low." In a future entry, we'll discuss Carole, the singer.)

In 1940, RCA used Carole for an ad to promote its technical prowess, in conjunction with the film "They Knew What They Wanted":

Even nearly half a century after her death, Lombard's image was used for commerce, this time for the Gap: