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Carole passes her penmanship

"Good health to all, from Rexall!"
-- opening slogan of the "Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show," sponsored by Rexall drugs

For decades, Rexall was an integral part of American life, supplying pharmaceutical products to independent drugstores throughout the U.S., many of whom posted the blue and orange Rexall logo over the door or on their awnings (assuming Coca-Cola didn't get there first).

Well, for many years Rexall also sponsored a monthly magazine for its customers, full of health and living tips. And guess who was on the cover in July 1935?

Yep -- Carole Lombard, looking lovely and leggy in a photoshoot likely taken somewhere on the Paramount lot. But inside, the story dealt with an analysis of Carole's handwriting, which won approval from Rexall's "graphologist":

While the entire story isn't visible there, if you click and enlarge, you can read enough to get a feel for it...along with a photo of Lombard, atop a diving board, that I've never seen before. Regardless of her penmanship, that summer, many Americans probably wished they could invite her to their swim party.

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