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Lost, and found

Carole Lombard had a frantic few days in mid-March of 1933. Not only was she filming "Supernatural," a movie she detested, but on March 13 she had lost a star sapphire ring, valued at $5,000, given to her by husband William Powell.

Lombard reported the loss to Hollywood police, and the next day it was returned to her by Harry Modisett, publisher of film magazine Hollywood Gossip. He had found it in a gutter outside the Paramount studios.

There's no word as to whether Modisett gained an interview with Lombard as part of his "reward," but a newspaper got a plug out of it. The Los Angeles Herald-Express said Modisett learned of the loss of Lombard's ring the evening he found it. "I immediately got in touch with her and her husband, William Powell. Miss Lombard identified the ring. I returned it to her and everyone was happy." Modisett said the moral was, "read the Herald-Express and recover your lost jewelry."

Stars at Paramount apparently weren't all that protective of their jewelry. Later that month, the Herald-Express' Harrison Carroll reported that Gloria Stuart (yep, the same actress who appeared in "Titanic" and is still with us) had lost a 3-karat diamond on the set, but it was found two hours later by a watchman.

Incidentally, I may not be able to access a computer tomorrow because this area is expecting inclement weather. So if you want to keep our perfect streak going (625+ days and counting), please contribute any Lombard-related entries.

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