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Attention, Mr. President...

...Carole Lombard is ready to help you. (In a figurative way, of course; after all, she died nearly two decades before you were born.)

I'm not sure what kind of a movie buff you are, sir, but I assume you've probably heard of Carole, the actress who epitomized screwball comedy. And sure, her films can please jittery audiences today, just as they did back in the equally difficult 1930s.

What you may not know is that Lombard was a dedicated New Dealer and admired Franklin D. Roosevelt; in fact, she met him at the White House in December 1940 and watched him deliver one of his "fireside chats," the one about the U.S. being the "arsenal of democracy" (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/73489.html).

But here's where Carole can come in handy for you: More than two years before she met FDR, in the summer of 1938, she gained national attention for some comments she made...comments that still resonate today. Because they concern taxes.

A director had complained in the press about the income tax rate. Lombard, who at the time was at the peak of her career and was making nearly half a million dollars annually -- placing her among the top-salaried stars in the industry -- didn't appreciate his comments, and mentioned it to her publicist. He immediately contacted a United Press reporter who heard Carole say she didn't mind her money going to help build schools and parks and other things the public needed (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/94739.html). And that includes tennis courts; she loved that game as much as you (and your daughters) love basketball:

Lombard -- still one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood history -- would be a good person to cite when trying to drum up support for your tax program, which includes higher tax rates for the well-to-do. She understood the role of government in helping society. Maybe you could make a speech in her hometown of Fort Wayne, or visit Hollywood. (Don't get too identified with Hollywood, however; it didn't help the Clintons.)

Oh, and one more thing, Mr. President: Please get Carole Lombard on the 2010 "Hollywood Legends" stamp. You would be assured of a few more votes come 2012.

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