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A question of characters

It's time for some fun. Let's suppose you owned some machine that could make characters from movies come to life...and that these characters would, by osmosis or some other magic, be infused with a 2009 sensibility (so you wouldn't have to teach them how a computer works, for example). If you could use that machine and use it on one Carole Lombard character (a character, mind you, not Carole herself), which one would it be? Whom could you best see as a friend?

Perhaps it would be Ann Smith, shown above in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Or it might be...

...Connie Randall, from "No Man Of Her Own." And don't forget such vivid characters as...

...Lily Garland, from "Twentieth Century," or

...Irene Bullock, from "My Man Godfrey."

Those are but four of the characters Lombard brought to life on screen. Which one would you want to enter your life?

This should provoke quite an argument among Carole's fans, and I'm looking forward to the give-and-take.

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