Amy Jeanne (amy_jeanne) wrote in carole_and_co,
Amy Jeanne

Movie Memories, 1937

In an antique shop I picked up a magazine called "Movie Memories" that had Clara Bow on the cover...

There is no copyright date in it, but going by the advertisement for the Garbo film Conquest on the back page I'm assuming this is from 1937. Popular stars from 1937 are featured in wonderful 2-page spreads of how they looked in the "good old days" (usually just 5-10 years prior!) Stars that have retired (Clara) and those who have left us (Marie Dressler) are also featured.

Loretta Young gets the first 2-page spread. Carole is second...

Yes, I got out my scanner and pulled out a few magazines today! I'm finished for now ;)

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