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We drew several responses trying to pin down a place for yesterday's Carole Lombard photo, and here's part of one of them:

It is absolutely a charming photo! I stumbled across it online a few days ago, but for the life of me cannot recall where...


Carole S.
The Carole Lombard Archive

You know it's a rare photo if Carole Sampeck, queen of Lombard collectors (that's my title for her, certainly not any self-description on her part!) hadn't seen it until recently. I don't know where she found it, but I'll tell you where I did.

It's a Web site called http://www.fanpix.net/. As I write this, it currently boasts 282,916 photos of 4,470 celebrities. Many of them are of contemporary stars from shows such as "High School Musical" or the MTV reality show "The Hills," but there are quite a few listings of classic Hollywood icons as well. Carole is represented with 351 photos (four fewer than Clark Gable)...including the one we ran yesterday.

It's a nice site, and I found several Lombard pics I've never come across before, in addition to yesterday's:

All the pictures have something going for them -- especially if you like horses and dogs -- but my personal favorite from that batch is the one showing a young Carole in a black dress, staring at a slight angle. There is a purity, almost an innocence, to her gaze -- but one can also sense her determined nature, too. It's wonderfully elegant.

It's a splendid site worth examining; for the Lombard gallery, please visit http://www.fanpix.net/gallery/carole-lombard-pictures.htm.

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