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Love is (duck) blind

A few years after Carole Lombard's death, while widower Clark Gable was in the service, he told this story to cohort A.E. Hotchner, who many years later would write a biography of Ernest Hemingway and other books.

In 1937, Gable took Lombard, a neophyte at hunting, to her first duck shoot. They were in a duck blind early one morning, and the fog made it much too thick to see the ducks, though one could hear them. What to do, Carole asked. Clark replied, "Just sit here in the blind until it clears." Then Lombard said she had just thought of something they could do while they were waiting -- they made love, Clark said, adding it "ain't easy in a duck blind."

History hasn't recorded how many ducks they bagged that day...but Clark certainly got lucky.

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