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A Christmas present from Carole...

...to all you blondes out there.

On Sept. 9, 1933, the Los Angeles Evening Herald-Express ran a story headlined "Carole Reveals Makeup Secrets." G.D. Hamann found the article while doing research, and here it is:

"Her beauty secrets were revealed today by Carole Lombard, who is considered by many to be the most perfect blonde in Hollywood.

"Miss Lombard, who is working at Paramount, is called the ideal blonde because her skin is very fair, her eyes bright blue, her lashes and brows dark brown and her hair flaxen.

"Any girl with this color combination would do well to follow Miss Lombard's makeup scheme, Hollywood believes.

"Miss Lombard uses very little makeup whether in the daytime or the evening, she declared.

"'In daytime,' she said, 'I use a powder of equal parts beige and flesh tints. I use a tea-rose shade of rouge and a very pale rose lipstick. I never smear mascaro or eye pencil on the street.'

"More makeup can be used in the evening than during the day, Miss Lombard believes.

"'For evening,' she said, 'I use a powder four shades darker. I use no cheek rouge, but my lipstick is heavier. I use carmen-red. At night I also use violet eyelid shadow and dark blue mascaro for it is too extreme for a blonde.

"'This makeup is the same for any shade or style of evening costume except blue. With a blue frock I always use a faint suggestion of blue eye shadow.'"

Some intriguing observations from Carole. Note the use of the word "mascaro" for what we now call "mascara." Assuming this wasn't a typo, one wonders when the change in spelling became commonplace. Any cosmetic historians out there?

Happy holidays to all, no matter what your hair shade.

P.S. I am having problems with my computer at home, and thus may not be able to post on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. In order to keep our streak of having at least one entry every day since this site's inception going (it's now been more than 18 months!), I humbly ask members to post entries tomorrow and Thursday. Perhaps you have some classic Hollywood Christmas-related photos to share, or maybe you simply want to wish happy holidays to fellow members of our community. Please contribute.

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