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Style for the new Depression

With the American and global economy on the skids, it's no wonder that people are looking back three-quarters of a century to days when times were equally tough, if not more so (most people in their 80s -- who actually grew up during the Depression -- probably have harrowing stories to tell about the experience).

Style.com, the online home of Vogue magazine, is no exception -- and it's recently put up a feature on what it calls "Depression-era beauties," women who were icons of style during those years when millions regularly spent their hard-earned quarters at the movie theaters.

Style.com selected seven beauties of the era in an accompanying slideshow, and as you might expect, Carole Lombard is among them. Others are Claudette Colbert, Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy, Barbara Stanwyck, Ginger Rogers and Josephine Baker. (One senses Baker, beautiful as she may have been, was chosen for purely ethnic reasons -- unlike the others, she really wasn't an actress, and her peak era was the 1920s, not the 1930s. Perhaps Anna May Wong would have been a better choice, although if Nina Mae McKinney had achieved slightly more success in films, she might have received the nod.)

Lombard is illustrated with this photo:

The caption reads: "A timeless Carole Lombard, photographed in 1938, shows off her skeet-shooting style in frames to envy. Dick Cheney, watch your back." (Guess they knew Carole was a Democrat.)

The entire piece can be found at

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