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More 'Profiles' of Carole at auction

We've previously discussed the work photographer Eugene Robert Richee did with Carole Lombard and other renowned actresses during his decade at Paramount (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/77056.html). Here's some more good news -- well over a dozen of his portraits of Carole are part of the Profiles In History auction of classic Hollywood memorabilia coming up later this month (we can say that now that it's December), and so we thought we'd show a few.

We'll begin with a trio of Paramount poses from 1935. First up is p1202-1226, with a sunbathing Lombard, in a white swimsuit, showing off those fabulous legs of hers:

Next, p1202-1294, which, with its completely black wardrobe and background, evokes Richee's famed work with Louise Brooks:

Finally, p1202-1380, Carole the sophisticate (and in 1935, before the Surgeon General's report, smoking was indeed deemed sophisticated), complete with hat"

Now for a few more. Here's Carole smiling at us, showing plenty of charm:

I'm not sure what she's looking at here. Perhaps she spotted some mouse scurrying back to its hole in the wall:

I've come across this photo of Carole before -- I think it was taken in 1932 to coincide with the Olympics -- but I've never seen it with such clarity (double-click to see it at larger scale):

And what is Lombard thinking here? Is she reminding herself to pick up some milk on the way home?

To view more of Richee's items available at the auction (in all, 167 entries), which includes links on how to place a bid, go to http://www.profilesinhistory.com/new/index.php?option=com_auctions&catid=34

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