faith。 (dragonclouds) wrote in carole_and_co,

my three favourites

This has been my favourite Carole picture as long as I can remember. She looked absolutely stunning as Ophelia, let's face it, but I think my favourite thing about the picture is how utterly different it is from anything else. There's a fragility here that goes beyond the Ophelia role.

Another rather different picture. I love the exoticism in this and her eyes look exquisite. She also has this really haughty look that is delightfully Carole.

I used to have this picture framed on my wall but the frame broke so I don't now. This is my favourite Carole photoshoot. Her beauty was maturing into something else, something more sophisticated. But I think she also looks very fragile here - there's something in her make-up that looks as though it could just fall away at any moment and reveal the real Carole.

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