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Two milestones for us...one request of you

Today is a notable day at "Carole & Co." It's the 600th entry at this site, where 17 months ago to the day (a total of 520, to be precise), we began commemorating Carole Lombard, her life and times and those of people she knew and worked with.

Since then, we've grown to well over 100 members, and one of the things I'm proudest of, in addition to all the research, information and rare photos we've uncovered, is that from this site's inception, we've never missed a day. Check our archives, and you'll see it's so.

That "streak" is now in jeopardy, since some computer problems at home are forcing me to work on alternate sites, places I may not always be able to access every day.

So here's where you come in. From the outset, "Carole & Co." has been designed as a community, a two-way street. I learn as much from you as (I hope) you do from me.

This is where you can help me out for at least the next few days. Contribute to the site. Do you have pictures of Carole you'd like to share, or thoughts about her movies, co-stars or directors? Even if it's not directly related to Lombard, as long as it has some tie to classic Hollywood, it's welcome here.

In the past, I've asked for your input, and you've always come through. Please do so again.

Thank you so much.

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