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The Paramount stills, part 12

We began this monthly series of Paramount portraits in chronological order last December, and this will complete a full year's worth -- 108 photos in all, with more yet to come. (There's an even larger number on display at http://good-times.webshots.com/album/568118230DvDaEu, and that collection is only up to the 700s -- less than halfway through the total of stills she made at the studio.)

Here, we're up to the 1300s (and the year 1936), specifically p1202-1344, 1346 and 1379:

Next up, p1202-1385, 1389 and 1391:

And finally, p1202-1407, 1409 and 1420:

More here next month, by which time the collection I cited earlier should be substantially larger.

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