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Hot, sassy, etc.

As I write this, it's 13 days and slightly more than 12 hours until the centennial of Carole Lombard's birth. How do I know? Thanks to a "countdown" clock running at a group I want to recommend.

It's part of a larger site called the Golden Age of Hollywood (http://goldenageofhollywood.ning.com/), which celebrates classic Hollywood and has more than 200 members. There are a number of groups at the site, and one of them is dedicated to Lombard -- "Carole Lombard: Hot, Sassy, Smart, Strong" (http://goldenageofhollywood.ning.com/group/carolelombardwomannotjustwifeof). The title not only celebrates Carole as a classic beauty and talented actress, but as a role model for today's women, sort of a proto-feminist.

The love for Lombard is genuine and envelops the entire group; there are all sorts of rare pictures, such as this one from her first film with future husband William Powell, "Man Of The World":

There are also several topics for discussion, and many more features such as fan-made videos.

The group currently has 21 members, of which I'm one; I hope some of you will join as well.

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