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Your answers, please

Last month we held a poll where we asked for your comments regarding Carole Lombard films in six specific categories. To be honest, we didn't get many responses, but here's the tabulation anyway:

STAR-MAKING ROLE: "Twentieth Century" 3; "Hands Across The Table," "High Voltage" and "My Man Godfrey" 1 each

MUST-SEES: "My Man Godfrey" 4; "To Be Or Not To Be" 3; "Hands Across The Table" and "Twentieth Century" 2 each; "In Name Only" 1

BEST PERFORMANCE: "To Be Or Not To Be" 4; "My Man Godfrey" and "Twentieth Century" 1 each

MOST BEAUTIFUL: "In Name Only" 3; "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" 2

ODDEST ROLE: "Vigil In The Night" 2; "They Knew What They Wanted" and "We're Not Dressing," 1 each

MOVIE TO AVOID: "Fools For Scandal" 2; "We're Not Dressing" and "White Woman," 1 each

Some intriguing viewpoints (for example, I'm a bit surprised "Supernatural" received no votes for "oddest role"). Thanks so much for voting.

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