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Lots of style...and lots of Lombard

I'm always pleased to spread the good word about a Carole Lombard-related Web site I've discovered, and such is the case for something called the Vintage Style Network. And you know it's a site worth bookmarking (and joining) when you're greeted with this:

That promises a lot for Lombard fans -- and the good news is, the Vintage Style Network delivers. Well over 100 of Carole's pictures are available at the site, including quite a few that are new to me. For example, how about this publicity still from the Mack Sennett comedy "Run, Girl, Run," showing the teenaged Carole as a college track star:

Color stills of Carole are relatively rare, those of her with Clark Gable even more so. Heretofore, I'd only come across one color shot of Gable and Lombard. Well, now make that two:

There are more than 400 members to the Vintage Style Network, and over 10,000 photos are in its library. There's a lot to explore at this site, and I hope many "Carole & Co." members will join me there. To check it out, go to http://www.vintagestylenetwork.com/

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