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Don't brush this off

Yesterday, we talked a bit about Carole Lombard's breakthrough film, "Twentieth Century," so let's continue in that vein. Here's a publicity photo Columbia Pictures used to promote the film, a picture that's been reprinted many times in books and magazines:

OK, now focus on the table Carole is resting upon; yes, I know you're easily distracted by her attractive face, pensive in thought, or by that seductive, silk-stockinged leg...but look at it nonetheless:

Between the bowl and the lamp are two brushes. One of them has been found by The Lombard Archive, and Carole Sampeck has sent pictures of it:

As you can tell, it's shaped to resemble a woman's curves, and it also features an engraving of a woman. I'm pretty certain it belonged to Lombard and wasn't simply a movie prop -- it looks much too fancy to be just that -- but I'm hoping Ms. Sampeck, who was generous enough to provide these pictures, can fill us in further on what she knows about it.

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